Thursday, April 11, 2013

Work it out

Another delayed post, my bad! It's beginning to be a hectic time of year. I don't know how I did it for so long with a full course load as I'm only taking one class right now and I'm stressing out! I guess I have more things going on than usual: working full-time, starting another online class (that I have to finish ASAP), training/running, and fitting in time with friends. Oh and blogging too of course! There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!

I'm still somehow managing to get everything done (often by dragging myself around lately). I got in a short (but good) run yesterday. I thought I would see how fast I could run 5k and I managed to do it in 32:09 mins! No record by any means (10:22 pace) but faster than I thought it would be. I'm thinking I will throw in the occasional faster-paced 5k along with my medium and longer runs so I can work on cutting down the time and getting faster. Although I try and run as many hills as possible during my long runs so I get used to them, I think I will need to do a couple of hill training sessions too. Both of these things, plus my long runs for distance, will help me finish the race in May just a little bit faster than I would without them. I know that it's my first race and I'm pretty much just going to focus on finishing, but it would be nice if I didn't take like 4 hours to cross the finish line :P

One of my BFFs just got back from a trip down south so a bunch of us got together for wings at the Alehouse last night (I got nachos haha). It was great seeing them all, I didn't realize how much I missed them! My sister came too which was great as she is practically a hermit during school since she's so busy. She's done for the next couple of weeks (until her summer semester starts – ew!) so I'm going to try and see her as much as possible :)

IMG 4974
{My sister's delicious looking wings}

I saw this on #howdoiputthisgently I thought it was pretty funny. I literally laugh out loud when I see the gifs on sites like this, in public, all the time. I laugh almost as much as when I watch AFV. Almost.


I'm heading to the gym for another run after work tonight so I will try and load another post afterwards.



Great run at the gym today. Did 4.73 miles/52:36 mins. A bit slower than my usual pace, got a little tired at the end. Saw this ad though and it made me pretty happy!

{LOVE Awkward, so excited!}

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