Sunday, April 7, 2013

Very (Point) Pleasant Park Run

What a beautiful day it was today! Slept in a bit this morning and it felt great. Managed to get myself up by 10 to get ready for today's run. I thought I would change up my running route and go through Point Pleasant Park. I didn't even really know it existed until our lab had a picnic there last summer. It was way bigger than I thought with lots of cool things to see. There were also tons of people walking their dogs, other runners, and parents playing with their kids, such a great atmosphere to run in! Got some cool shots of some of the sites on the way. The time goes by much faster when I run outside. Although I do love running on the treadmill since I can have my water with my all the way and can catch up on my fav shows, the time does seem to trudge by sometimes. I like mixing up my runs inside/outside. Since we haven't had too much of the Spring weather yet, sometimes I just don't feel like facing the cold and love the warm comfort of the Y :D

Here are some shots from my run this morning:

IMG 5406

{I love running by the tracks, really neat view}

IMG 2783

{It was cool being able to chose the terrain I wanted to run on, mixed it up between the gravel paths and the trails}

IMG 0967

{Saw this little guy literally jump from a different tree onto this branch, pretty cool!} had a hard time mapping my run through Point Pleasant since there were some main trails it just didn't want to go down. It was also crazy difficult to know exactly what paths I followed since I'm not very familiar with the park. So I'm not quite sure how much milage I accomplished today, I was aiming for 13k but I think it may have been closer to 11 or 12k (1h:22mins). Still a good run but next time I may do most of run outside of the park and just run the main stretch mid-way through, then I can know for sure how much distance I covered.

Last day of classes (in my case class) is tomorrow! I'm excited to not have to work late three days a week to make up for the lost time spent walking across campus. I'm thinking I will take advantage of the extra time and add another running day during the week :) May 19th is creeping up fast and I'm going to be ready for it!



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