Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wing night? I'll take some nachos...

My blisters were finally healed enough that I was able to get a run in today! I was planning on doing a long run outside (to make up for last weekend) but it was so rainy and cold and foggy I opted for a medium run at the gym. So far, moving my runs outside has been a slow process – thanks Halifax :( After work I ran 9.5k/1:06:47 mins. It wasn't completely without pain as every once and a while my sock would rub my blister the wrong way, resulting in me making whacky facial expressions. If anyone was watched they would probably have thought I was crazy. Oh well, I feel good getting back in the groove. It's funny, if I even go two days without running I feel like such a slacker. As I should I guess if I am training for a half marathon! I still have just over 20 days left during which I plan on getting at least two more long runs. I'm getting excited!

Met up with friends at the Pogue for wings tonight. Unfortunately I can't enjoy wings any more (most of them are breaded) but I got their nachos which were REALLY good, and wheat-free :) I fully stuffed myself tonight though so I'm glad I did get that run in today!

Unfortunately I've been slacking on taking pictures for the blog (nobody likes a blog with no pictures!) so I really don't have any new ones to post :S I need to get better it but I'm not used to documenting my life this much.



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