Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mmmm Pie!

Today's run – 3.9 miles/45:02 mins. I really wanted to go farther/faster but my legs were just so stiff today. I was disappointed because I haven't really been "going the distance" lately. Oh well, making it to the gym for a run in itself is good in my books! I'm going to do anther one tomorrow so hopefully it will be better.

Today at work was nice and relaxing. I enjoyed a nice big cup of green tea in my "latte" mug as well as a lemon meringue pudding. They are absolutely delicious and taste just like lemon meringue pie minus the crust which is the part I can't eat because of the wheat so it's perfect! Yum :)

{Not the best green tea, but satisfying none the less}

{Gotta love snack packs!}

I also got to use my new Nike gym bag from Sport Chek! I love it – it's the perfect size, has lots of pockets for all my stuff, as well as a good shoulder strap to make it easy to carry all my stuff to and from work and sexy colours to boot!

Now I'm gonna enjoy my supper of rice with a veggie and ground turkey stirfry and lemon sauce, watch the season finale of The Following, and call it a night!


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