Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time to kick some Organic butt

I was actually able to do a medium run yesterday at the gym, 5 miles/55:54 mins. Although it was slow (god, I gotta pick up the pace!) I bandaged up those blisters real good and made it through :) Today's long run started out great. I began by running up and down the citadel a couple of times.

IMG 3952
{Nice view!}

It was a good challenge to make myself run all the way up the hill and push through, then repeat. I'm thinking I might move my 5k outside and do the citadel run. The hills should really help my endurance and the view is beautiful.

But alas, the blisters struck again! I continued my run down Young Street and the bandaids lost hold. The pain was almost unbearable so I had to turn around and head home :( Serves me right, I should have just let them heal in the first place. My exam is tomorrow so I will take a rest day then depending on how they are Tuesday I may take one more day. Then I will make it up during the rest of the week! I'll be sure to get my 16k down sometime during the week.

Had to go into work this morning after my run. Good thing I stopped by Starbucks for a pick me up!

IMG 4209

Now the rest of the day will be devoted to becoming an expert in Organic Chemistry. Wish me luck!



  1. Sending hugs and the very best good lucks on your exam tomorrow. Dad and I are very proud of all the new challenges you have set for yourself.
    Looking forward to having you home for a weekend soon. Love, mom XXOO

  2. Hope your exam went well! and that your blisters are healing haha