Friday, April 19, 2013

Blisters Suck

Soooo I'm being a little slack this week. I don't want to but sometimes you just need to. I took an extra rest day on Thursday. I really needed the time to study and my ankle had also been bothering me a bit since I rolled it (by falling off a curb – go me!) so I thought another days rest might help too. On top of these things, I also have had a cold the past couple of days. So there are all my excuses :P

I did made it to the gym for a run after work today but things didn't go exactly as expected. I attempted to wear my new shoes to work this morning and got some major blisters (should have known I'd need to break them in first). Then at the gym I realized I hadn't packed any socks. Stupidly I thought it would be okay to go in bare feet but I just ended up adding more blisters to my collection. After barely making it home without crying I am now covered in blister cushions and upset that I had to quit after only 3 miles.

IMG 7143

{Me after I got back from the gym, got to wear my Run: Swiftly Tech SS in Pop Orange!}

I'm going to make sure to bandage up my feet real good and put in a longer run tomorrow. My long outside run will be on Sunday when the weather is (supposed) to be sunny.

I saw these two little guys the other day just hanging out. Didn't even blink an eye when I hovered over them to take a picture. Nothing scares Haligonian pigeons any more!

IMG 3906

Anyways, I'm taking it easy tonight and catching up on episodes of The Following (great show) then heading into the lab for some work tomorrow morning followed by a run! The rest of the day will then be as below:

IMG 3367

{Study Time! Organic Chem final is on Monday and I can't wait to get it over with}

Night night.



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