Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Thursday That Felt Like a Friday

Sorry for the delayed post! Was a bit of a hectic week although, looking back, I'm not sure I've accomplished much. Oh well! I did get all my runs in and that's what matters :)

Tuesday morning I fit a short run in before work, did 5k/36:21mins. Wish I would have done a bit longer but ran out of time. It's actually more efficient when I shower/get ready at the gym, I think I muck around too much at home in the morning and it takes much longer for me to actually get my butt out the door.

Wednesday night I went over to my friend Hilary's house for a little yoga! I haven't done it too much so she walked me through some of the moves. I'll be honest, we may have done more talking/catching up than actual yoga but it was fun all the same :) I think I may try harder to do yoga/pilates between runs to add some strength/core training and good stretching. My legs really can use a good stretch, especially after a long run on the weekends.

Speaking of Hilary, she actually has her own blog you should check out called Tru to Hils. Her blog was one of the reasons I started my own blog for my running, thought it was such a great idea. She posts about lots of stuff including style/fashion, her travels, life experiences, as well as shares her delicious recipes which are great, especially if you are looking for some dairy-free treats that are also tasty :)

 Got another run in early this morning, 6.5k/47:54. I was SO close this morning to not making it to the gym. I even set a new alarm for an hour later and everything. I don't know how I convinced myself to get up but I actually did, maybe I'm turning a new leaf and becoming a morning person? Nahhh...

By the state I'm in in this picture you can tell I just rolled of bed. By the end of the run I was definitely awake though!

Argyle was so quiet this morning! There did seem to be an excess of pigeons though, even more than usual...

Oh, just to add, Burrito Jax was at the SUB on Wednesday so we went down after class to give it a try. I don't know why I haven't been there yet since it's seconds from my apartment and my sister has told me to go a thousand times but after my burrito yesterday, I will definitely be going back. It  had everything you can think of that would go in an awesome burrito – dirty rice, black beans, sweet potato, lettuce, chili sauce, cheese, onions, tomato, sour cream, and of course guacamole! Delicious and inexpensive :) And plus it came in this cute little bag :P

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