Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slow and easy

We took it easy this morning and only did a short run: 4k/31mins. Daylight savings has made it so dark in the morning now so it was a lot harder to get up. It was sprinkling a bit although much warmer than usual which I found made the run a lot easier. I can't do too many more of these short runs as I gotta get used to running longer distances. Good thing though was we pushed ourselves to go faster so I'm happy with this morning's run.

I'm adding an additional run morning (Thursday) so we are going to do two longer runs (6.5k) Thursday and Friday morning and then the plan for Saturday is 9.5k. I think I'll feel pretty good if I can stick with this plan :)

I'm hopefully getting some new running gear this week. New shoes, long sleeve shirt and crops. I could feel a blister forming from this morning's run so maybe need to look at some different socks too. It's so excited getting new stuff! Exercising is that much more fun when you look good doing it ;)

Enjoy your day!

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