Friday, March 15, 2013


Woohoo it's Friday! So glad it's the weekend :)Ended the week on a good note with a 4 mile (7k) run on the treadmill in 48:55min. Spent the first mile mostly walking due to MAJOR shin splints. It was awful, I definitely thought about stopping but I was looking forward to clearing 7k tonight so I just walked every time they got bad. Next time I can lower my time significantly for sure :) Very proud of myself for getting it done on a Friday night. The weather has been so crappy lately and we got even more snow today (I thought we only had 6 more weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil!) so I haven't been able to run outside the past couple of days. Excited for the spring weather so there are fewer excuses not to run outside :P

Wore my new lulu lemon tank and crops and they were very comfortable. LOVE.

Took a pic of the treadmill and the Y, love the TV! Way bigger than watching shows in my iPhone (which I usually do). Got some Gilmore Girls on there :)

Have a great Friday night!


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