Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh, for the love of Chem

Had a long day today, worked a full day then spent a couple hours studying for my Organic Chem exam tomorrow :S I was still able to get a good run in at the Y afterwards, 6.5k (4 miles)/47:15. Slightly faster time than last week, average pace being 11:49/mile. Looking forward to getting that under 10 min/mile although it will probably be a while. I'm still shocked by how much I am enjoying running, having really never been much of a runner before. It's something I surprisingly look forward to and I have fun trying to push myself a little more. Although I'm also being careful not to get carried away as I know if I push myself too hard or think of it as a competition I am going to not enjoy it so much any more. 

I bought some really nice Nikes from Sport Chek but I have to take them back tomorrow since after wearing them around the house for a while I realized they just weren't wide enough and could feel them squeezing the side of my feet :( I'm going to look at some New Balance shoes that are made for wide-footed individuals, lots of room for my clown feet :D

Looking forward to my exam being over tomorrow – I'm going to celebrate my returning the shoes and doing a little "run" shopping :P (Emphasis on "little", I promise –Mom:)) Was thinking I could use some better socks as well. Anyways, I enjoyed a nice fruit smoothie after my run tonight and dove right into my OChem book! About to head to bed now to get some good shut eye before tomorrow.



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