Friday, March 8, 2013

Another day down

Woke up at 6:45am this morning to meet @tmyousef at 7:30 for our 5k this morning. Did a little loop around to SMU and then ran down Tower Rd. to Point Pleasant and back. Once we start doing longer runs I'm hoping to go through Point Pleasant Park, I feel like it would be a nice spot to run. I'm heading home to the Bay this weekend so I'm mapping out an 8k route for Saturday (I'm using, great website for determining distances of your runs).

Took some before and after shots this morning! I surprisingly don't look as dead as I felt!


I was going for tired (because I was) but my expression ended up... weird... 
Thanks for joining me this morning @tmyousef!


I REALLY want a new pair of Nike trainers as I think I've had these running shoes for 5 years maybe?

I've been eyeing these Nike Free 4.0 Women's Running Shoe, they look incredibly comfortable. Not sure what level of support would be best though (3.0 vs. 4.0 vs. 5.0). Will have to go in the store to try them out. I'm thinking I'll use them as a reward to myself once I've gotten through a couple more weeks of training (and when I can actually afford them!)

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