Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brand New Kicks

Happy almost-Friday!

I've just been letting my knee heal this week and doing some strength exercises in the mean time until I can get back to running. I've also been adding epson salts to my baths and using icy/hot patches and it seems to be helping quite a bit. There's almost no pain now when I bend my knee :)

IMG 1413

{I mixed the Epson salt with all of the different bubble baths I own, made for quite a treat!}

I made a trip out to Sport Chek to get new running shoes, ones with a bit more support than my New Balance Minimus W3090 V2 shoes. They are the Saucony ProGrid Guide 6s, have a nice thick heel which should help with my heel-striking, and are extremely comfortable. The colours aren't bad either :P

IMG 0105

IMG 0709

I also grabbed a knee support strap to wear during the half marathon, just for extra support. I'd like to continue running after the half and not have to stop because I destroyed my knees!

Yesterday I picked up some new nail colours because they were having a sale on Essie polishes at Lawtons (check it out!)! There were so many to choose from, I wish I could have gotten them all :P

IMG 2888

{From left to write: Under where?, Tart Deco, Vanity Fairest and First Timer by Essie}

Put a load of laundry on once I got home and cooked up a nice halibut steak with some stir-fryed peppers, onions, mushrooms and corn – delish!

IMG 2571

The big day is getting closer and closer and I'm getting super excited! I need to look into the events that are going on that weekend as well. It sounds like there will be an expo put on by Goodlife Fitness at the WTC which should be fun to check out.

Thanks again to all my sponsors that helped me raise a whopping $300 for the Halifax Sexual Health Centre! I couldn't have done it without you guys and I can't tell you enough how much HSHC appreciates your generosity, as do I :)


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